An Orchestra

What if an orchestra was like this?

No one paid attention to the conductor, ignoring his instruction and commands; Each section of musicians chose their own leaders and played what they wanted to, when they wanted to; slowly, but surely, diverting from the original piece of music they were intended to play? Each section divided themselves because of silly arguments over leadership, preferences, styles and various ways of thinking. Members of different sections decided they wanted to be in other sections, to play other instruments they have little training in…

This is no longer an orchestra. It is chaos; it is a sort of lawlessness, unruly, undisciplined and full of rebellion. Even though, in all their division and foolishness, they still call themselves an orchestra, there is no argument against this fact: Orchestra’s are meant to successfully work together in their proper skills and sections in order to turn notes on a page into a wonderful piece of music for listeners to hear. The above described anarchy is a true denial of any authority or established order as it relates to the function and purpose of orchestras.

An orchestra follows the leadership of the conductor. Every player practices and performs their particular instrument to a certain perfection that is measured by their own ability. Each section depends on the other sections to help them make the music. Each player and each section are continually listening to one another, reading the music and following the Conductors indications in order to perfect the music. Together, they all make a beautiful picture and beautiful work of art. The Conductor knows the music in his mind and can feel its’ crescendos and subtleties within himself. He knows how the music should be. He can picture its moving and dancing. But it cannot become a reality without the Orchestra. The Orchestra reads the music as their specific part indicates it, but they cannot experience the total work without each person, each section and the Conductor all working together. The Conductor is the guide. The orchestra members watch the music for its specific cues and information. They continually glance at the Conductor for his communication of how to apply those cues and information in a way that symbols on a page cannot. They have a divine communication.

Life is about unity.  It is only in working together for the same purpose that we become what we are meant to be, what we want to be- A beautiful work worth being proud of, satisfying and wonderful to all who take part. Any place you find division, virtues will be missing. This is inside the soul, inside religion- anywhere and everywhere.

The orchestra is beautiful because it provides a very real depiction of what it is to live life. What are you doing to make this type of environment- A place where all are one, where there is unity through diversity? Are you playing your part in the music of it all or are you contributing to the chaos?

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