Tribe of I AM

Motto: “Navigating life with inner-intelligence that is innate to everyone.”

Identity: Experience of True Self + True Values + True Purpose = Experience of True Potential.

Description: A community built on conscious-awareness and mutual respect (love) to make a difference by courageously assimilating self-evident knowledge into wise action.

Mission: To help individuals gain a firm grasp on the creative process of positive change and manifestation through personal identity and purpose.

Vision:  A gathering of heart-full individuals who acknowledge their impact and creatively engage in doing so through self-honesty, courageous conversation, and service to others.

Values: 1- Love 2- Humility 3- Vulnerability 4- Integrity 5- Community 6- Diversity 7- Leadership 8- Emotional Intelligence

What is The Tribe of I AM?

The Tribe of I AM (TOIAM) is open to everyone, in the awareness that This Tribe is that of the human family. Though we have been taught to focus on how different we are and have allowed differences to define our source of worth and belonging, TOIAM knows that at the core we all hold the same values, and are made of the same stuff. Though our diversity is evident, it is not an issue of division. Our diversity is an issue of beauty. We live in an imperfect world and TOIAM is for people who choose to acknowledge our imperfection and make it better.

Range of Topics: Identity, Purpose, mind, body, soul, emotional intelligence, change and growth, human performance and potential, lives of congruence and coherence, current events in the physical world as a mirror of events at the heart of humanity; how ancient wisdom has predicted our current struggles; all things related to how we live our lives, who we are, what we are here to do, and why it matters; creating the life you love; meditation, healing.

Weekly meetings TOIAM meets on Sundays and is accessible in-person, over-the-phone, and virtually. It is recorded for podcast and video. TOIAM also has weekly Thursday night dinners. Sign up below.

TOIAM is an act of community service for all who participate. Personal growth is the least we can do to help create better friendships, families, neighborhoods, and a better world.” – Lance Howard

If you are interested in participating in the H&R Dream Team weekly gatherings you must meet with Lance, or someone from TOIAM, and visit TOIAM at least once, as these are very unique and special gatherings of true community, founded on trust.

Dream Team and H&R are also available as private sessions as part of The Identity Process. Click here if you’d like to make an appointment for a private session.

Tribe of I AM (TOIAM)

True Conversation & True Community

Your email adress is required if you are interested in participating in this weeks Tribe of I AM meeting. Expect to answer a few simple questions for access to TOIAM.

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