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My name is Lance Howard, author, speaker, musician, and coach. I am here to share how you can improve your life and experience quantum success. I love helping people overcome the struggles in their lives by learning the keys to fulfillment, connection, and belonging. Identity and purpose are the foundations that make this possible.

In the midst of let-downs, heartbreaks, and failures, we are confronted with the desire to find and accomplish what truly matters in our lives. Let me show you the principles of how to develop the ability to acquire anything you want or it’s equivalent. We can remedy our lives to experience true self-assurance, self-knowledge, self-mastery, true happiness, and peace of mind. You can discover and express your unique power to overcome all adversity and reach your full potential. The Identity Process is an invitation to discover the truth of who you are and rise stronger, and more successful, than ever.

While I’ve done many things in my life and been awarded certain accolades that are deemed valuable, I am not interested in directing your attention to those things, labels, and forms of status that might give credence to the ego rather than who I truly am.  Our culture conditions us to think of a person based on their plaques, awards, “authority”, or title. But, our hearts know it is the “content of [our] character”, the genuine story, and journey of our lives, life-lessons, skills we’ve learned along the way, and our struggles, that really determine our value for and in the lives of others. It is the collective sum of our experiences, character, and purpose that cultivate wisdom, not our “education” or status. These are things we can not learn in school, or from a book, but wisdom we can glean from life itself. These are elements that we cannot control or plan but can discern, observe, and learn from when we are ready, when the time is right.

Mission: I live to discover, understand, and express the power of goodwill, wisdom, and inspiration in order to help others reach their full potential.

Motto: Live and Love on Purpose, with Identity! Lead, Inspire, Heal.

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