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Change Makers: A community to help individuals gain an understanding of true identity, the foundation and process of decision making, the nature of true leadership, the bond of community, and creating a life we love. It is your birthright to know who you are, why you are here, and how to have power overcome the adversity in your life.

“Lance has been on this journey of spirituality and enlightenment and has dedicated himself to figuring out what we are all trying to figure out. He shares these ideas in an open-mic style talk so others can share their experiences and questions, creating an environment in which we can seek the answers together.” – Change Makers attendee, J. Williamson

18″ Journey is the courageous investigation of identity in order to overcome struggles that limit us from reaching our dreams, goals, and true potential.  How can you learn to navigate the path of your life, and know which way to go? The 18″ Journey is the way to the inspiring, energetic purpose and creativity of your life.

Dream Master- Dreams are one of the most illusory experiences of humanity. We have all experienced them but few of us know what they are and what they mean. You can become a Dream Master by taking this opportunity to demystify where your dreams come from, what they can mean, and how you can use them to improve your life. To ignore your dream is to take less responsibility for your life.

H&R Sessions- an experience of self-empowerment and self-recovery through investigation into what matters most in our lives as we remedy what holds us back from expressing our best.

Consultation & Private Sessions

Personal or group consultations are available by the hour. These sessions are related to everything above and discovering the means of personal expression and manifestation. Email for more information, or click here to book an appointment.

“Have the courage to choose a deeper truth about your self and your connections. Be ready to explore wholehearted living through identity, creativity, and community. Find the confidence and freedom to be who you were meant to be.” – Lance Howard

Speaking Engagements Topics include:

Human Performance for Personal Growth, Group Effectiveness, and Collaboration.

Broken to Whole-Hearted Living

The Search for Identity

Faith, Hope, and Love in a Tragic World

Creating the Best Version of Your Self

Unity in Diversity (team building)

Best Man Among Best Men

The Reality of Dreams

If you find the above services interesting and would like more information, please email:

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