Community & Speaking


Decision Makers: A meeting place for those who choose to become better leaders for ourselves, our families, and our businesses in order to create better communities.

Retreats: The 18″ Journey is the courageous investigation of self in order to overcome struggles that limit us from reaching our dreams, goals, and true potential.

“Have the courage to choose a deeper truth about your self and your connections. Be ready to explore wholehearted living through identity, creativity, and community. Find the confidence and freedom to be who you feel you were meant to be.” – Lance Howard

Speaking Engagements Topics include:

Human Performance for Personal Growth, Group Effectiveness, and Collaboration.

Brokenhearted to Wholehearted Living

The Search for Identity

Faith, Hope, and Love in a Tragic World.

Creating the Best Version of Your Self

Unity in Diversity

Defining True Manhood

If you find the above services interesting and would like more information, please contact THV at:

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