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We all know that life is full of unknown and unknowable circumstances. Each day and each year of our lives can be quite unpredictable. What we may not realize is that we have been adjusting, accommodating, modifying, and conforming our day to day interactions in order to synchronize with our environment. This means we are doing what we must to maintain a balance between the varying situations that enter into the flow of our experience and demand our attention. This is how we create some version of normalcy in what could be viewed as chaos.

We must competently be aware of our ability to adapt to change. This ability can be a creative effort rather than a reactive one. In music, this creative adapting is called “improvisation”, which requires unique skill and technique. Improvisation is spontaneous creation as part of a collective musical interaction. I propose that every interaction, on and off-stage, is a form of “musical” improvisation. It is the ability to adapt to change and be creative in the moment- on demand.

The moment of creation is now. Anything can happen. It is full of beautiful potential, especially when we are willing to learn from diversity and adversity rather than seeing them as obstacles. Your life, the music of you, is an on-going work of art. You have the power to make it what you want it to be.


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