Recent Reflections…

I wish I was stronger in my faith and more resolved in my conclusions of integrity.

What does that mean? I suppose I’m still becoming who I am. Still waiting for my convictions to ground my decision-making into certainty while maintaining an inner solidarity.

I want to be a man of faith, a man who is firm in wisdom, full of understanding, clear in perception, fluid in situations and experiences with great respect for The One Who Is greater than all of it.

But, I still feel a certain sophomoric-ness. A lacking maturity, poorly informed, oddly mixed with a humility that says, “I don’t know much.” In a world of competing ideologies and kaleidoscopes of love and/or unity. I admit I cannot contain it all.

As seasons come and go, I feel the changes in my own personal existence. I am learning to be ok with the ebb and flow. To rest in peace- a certain letting go and simply embracing new awareness and expanding consciousness, even when/if it feels like a contraction.

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