To Love

To love – to acknowledge the feelings you have toward another. To acknowledge sacrifice, to acknowledge passion, to acknowledge connection. To love – It is beyond logic. To love- It doesn’t make sense in a rational way. Love makes sense in ways that only life and the heart can define. Only the knower knows why the lover loves. They are one and the same. I am the knower and I am the lover.

Own your feelings of love! Take responsibility for your love! Know that you have no control over anyone else’s capacity to love. Be ready for rejection. Be ready for the possibility that the other person is not ready for your offer of love. Be ready for rejection. That readiness begins by loving yourself first.

See the beauty in your love. Search for it. Be ready to die for it!  Love hopes for reciprocal feelings – that the other person will feel the same and be able to reflect the same quality of love back. The true lover should give regardless, for that is what makes love true. True love is not about reciprocation. It is about one’s choice to give even if it is not received or returned. True love is about the choice to give and to do so without expectation, though one can hope. True love holds an acceptance of what is. It is less interested in what could be, which is not grounded in the present. It is less interested in what should be, which is a thought that flows from the ego’s judgment.

Be proud of and also curious about your audacity to love. Become well acquainted with the audacity of your love and your capacity to give by asking the “why” and “how” of your love. Investigate your love. In this way, know yourself. Know and understand the love you are ready for. Be ready to accept only that. If someone is unable to reciprocate the love you deserve, let them go. What I mean is, allow the energy between you to transform to its healthiest form.

Do not force your love. You will only end up harming yourself and them. Forcing love is not loving. Letting go is loving. Be ready and proud to let them know you love them; be ready and proud to also let them go. Achieve the ability to let go and you will know you have reached a place of spiritual maturity. True love is being ready to give and to let go. That is a gift to your self and the beloved. That is Love.

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