Looking for “America”

Looking for...

Looking for “America”

Land of the free, home of the brave

How can such a place still need so much change?

A beautiful let down with a past of deep scars

Heavy chains brought down upon true stars

Surf, taken from the islanders and make it look like your own

Furs, taken from the natives by threatening to take their homes

To take it all was the plan, you knew

Even the face of God made into red, white, and blue.

We say red, white, and blue but it’s really the green we pursue

I’m still looking…

I thought I knew you!

What part of us is really true?

Where are you?

Are the immigrants asking for too much?

Who are you?

Are their dreams out of touch?

Matthew wrote,”..you … make one convert, and then you turn that person into twice the child of hell as you.. (23:15)

Religiosity and power controlling hypocrites.

Was who he was talking to?

Dave said, “Don’t drink the water! There’s blood in the water… “

How do we wash away the red stain on the stream’s bed?

John said he’s,” Waiting on the world to change.”

As long as you’re at the top, from where will change come?

I’m talking about the privilege, the wage disparity, the job inequity

From where will the change come?

The pyramid oversees

What hope is there for “the least of these”?

Is this really the world you wanted?

People are broken. You break them

People are disheartened. You sell them lies.

Upside down and unsound.

It’s hard to scream without lungs

It’s hard to sing without a tongue

But the splinter in my mind

The pressure of dis-ease on the inside

Identity crisis! Who are you?

The need for more, More, MORE

This I ain’t my American dream

Scars and belonging.

My look is just about over…

Farewell, my utopia. Farewell my euphoria

My suburban day … dream.

Farewell red, blue, and white me

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