Change My Life

All of my years have come down to this: arguably the most important realization in my whole life.

If I want to change my life I have to change myself. In this physical expression- skin, and bone entangled with the music of being me, I realize that I am the sum of my habits. Specifically, those habits are the way I invest with thought, time, and money. My life is the result of these habitual and, perhaps, inconsistent actions. I might say I desire one thing but if my thoughts, time, and money prove otherwise, then my life will manifest something different than what it is I say I want. Finding coherence between these three (thoughts, time, money) is completely necessary to be the person I truly want to be.

To change myself, I have to change the way I think. Thoughts are expressed energy- frequency transmitted into an Intelligent and Responsive Matrix of energy-reception and energy-reflection. That means Life, not the passive existence we think it to be, but the active Responder agrees with and manifests my most consistent beliefs- my habitual way of thinking and feeling, which largely goes unnoticed in the subconscious. These habits manifest as action- time and money spent.

I have been largely unaware of these subconscious, habitual behaviors. They are automatic patterns that I have defaulted to as part of my usual daily “program”- my earliest and best attempts at survival. For example, there are times when negative emotions of the past have contaminated my present and future because I allowed them to influence my interpretation of what was currently happening, as well as my expectations of what could occur.

I, in some ways, have identified emotions that have replayed from the past. I have seen the mess those emotions create for my future. I am able to see how my own beliefs affect or infect the present unfolding of my reality.

I have learned more and more to listen to my body and my emotions. In one way, they are a very honest team. They reveal the emotional healing I need, the matters of the heart that lie dormant under the surface of my day-to-day feelings, which will be resurrected as very unpleasant manifestations. At times they have also revealed the need for physical healing, reparation, and recovery. The body can be subtle with its messages until pain arrives. The body and emotions also reveal the types of situations that I need to learn from. The ones I typically want to avoid. Then there are those toxic environments my mind and body do not function well in. There are a variety of things for me to learn about the impact of environmental stress on my mental and physical health. In addition to all of this, I am understanding more and more that how I show up in a situation is more than half the battle.

More than a blood pump, the heart is how we consciously access the body, mind, and spirit. It is the personal center of true intelligence. It is the gateway between worlds- “heaven” and “earth”, our spiritual nature (like thoughts, emotions, and connection) and our physical existence. The brain is the central house of intellectual processing and survival instinct. The body is the three-dimensional vehicle for moving through the physical environment and the experience of time.

Spirit is the true Self, the Source of it All. It is the Mind, beyond the brain. It is the all-pervading Intelligent Energy supporting all of life. The Mind is part of the body- every organ, every cell, and, yet, beyond the body, grounded in Universal Consciousness expressing Itself variably but in one Unified Field.

These are all keys of ancient wisdom that Quantum sciences are finally explaining in repeatable, observable, and measurable terms. I am using these keys to change my life, which then opens up the possibility of helping others do the same.

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