The Illusion of Disconnection

The ancient message that has been delivered to humanity time and time again is that we are all connected. The realization is that, somehow, everything is unified, one. Society has been pulled away from the grounding- truth, that life is made up of energy, vibration, and frequency. These three are indivisible. All the differences we notice with our eyes are only at the physical level of existence. When you look deeper, below the lens of a powerful microscope, you can see that everything is made up what appears to be empty space. The atom is space full of energy, not matter. For decades Quantum Physics has been trying to report this research, which supports ancient knowledge, but the dogmatic religion of Newtonian science keeps ignoring it. This ignorance has kept the masses from realizing well-established information that has the potential to change society for the better. If everything is energy, then the differences we see at the physical level do not have to become prejudices, biases and negative judgments. Such things are simply illusions based in a very immature and even primitive way of seeing one another and life. Quantum Physics is proving that what truly matters in life is much less about what we can observe on the outside and is definitely about what and who we truly are, within.

Fortunately, more and more scientists are coming out of the old dogma of science and are coincidentally confirming what spiritual teachers and guides of old have been saying for millennia: we live in a unified universe. Even the word “universe” indicates the underlying unity in life’s diversity. The idea that science and spirituality are disconnected is another man-made illusion. It has been called, “fact” and supposedly based on “evidence” but they cannot see the complicated bias which allows the confirmation of such unbalanced conclusions. The idea of Newtonian science as the ground of life-truth is just another institutional doctrine that has only fertilized our ideas of separation, division, and even hatred. The truth, as Quantum Physics has shown repeatedly, is Unity, even between our schools of thought (and/or ways of thinking). The truth of unity can help us change our lives and bring the experience of health, freedom, connection, and love we all desire.

In our Illusion of Disconnection, we’ve come to believe that it is easy to separate physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. But, Complete Health is comprised of all of them and they each have an effect on the others. If everything is connected then any addiction, negative emotion or false belief is based on the Illusion of Disconnection. This is the belief that we are separate from one another and separate from Life itself. The suffering we experience and the division we believe in so strongly is the evidence of mental, emotional, and spiritual sickness. We are immersed in this depraved way of viewing and affecting the world. Our collective ideology is stuck in a dark place.

So, what does this mean for you, personally? You are not your body and its mechanisms but the health of your body is a manifestation of your mental, emotional, and spiritual health. You are not your emotions or feelings. They reveal the type of frequencies you transmit and absorb which are the result of your way of thinking and the context of your believing.

All negative, unhealthy or stressful thinking is based in the illusion that you are:
1- separate from another    2- not good enough   3- not enough

None of these are true, never have been and can never be. They are part of what I call the “Identity Crisis”, which is a direct result of the Illusion of Disconnection. We all suffer from not knowing our true selves. I’ll write more on the Identity Crisis and the solution to it soon.

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