The Healing Voice Podcast: Episode 1 (11:00)

The first episode of the Podcast is finally available!

You can listen here.

The transcript is here. You can also read it below.

Hi and welcome to the first episode of The Healing Voice Podcast.

I AM Lance Howard, your host and I am here to share a journey with you on how we can improve our Total Success through Intentional Focus on identity and purpose.

We can remedy our lives to experience complete self-assurance, happiness, and peace of mind. This is about taking control of our mental, physical, and spiritual health- mind, body, and heart. THV Podcast is an invitation to discover and express your unique power to overcome adversity and reach your full potential.

For so long I felt the itching desire to move forward in my life with a focus that would hone my wandering skills and talents into a cohesive unit of creative power and intent. I now feel I have found my way. I want to share that with you. It’s a process, not a pill. It’s an oven, not a microwave. It’s a real meal that takes time and preparation, not a t.v. dinner. It’s the human journey. It’s why we are here together, at this very moment.

Many of my experiences made me feel like I’d been knocked down and trampled. But each time I was able to rely on an intuitive strength that came from within. Through difficult times I was able to take a good look at the world and own the fact that much of life is hardship and misfortune. I found the willingness to carry the burdens that come with the duty of seeing myself and the world for what we are – imperfect. I chose to acknowledge the pain, and keep moving forward to a better place, no matter how hard it gets.

I have chosen to make a difference in the world by living and loving on purpose, through identity. Identity is the answer to two questions: “Who am I?” and “What should I be doing with my life?” THV Podcast exists to help navigate the turbulent waters of life in search of the answer to these questions. Owning one’s identity is to live on purpose. That means being who you are and acting/living accordingly.

I’m committed to using my strengths and talents to bring value and meaning to the lives of every person I come in contact with. That includes everyone who listens to the podcast, watches my videos, or reads my writing. Through honest conversations about hard realities and the process of change in our lives, we can become healthier versions of ourselves.

My Personal Motto: Live on Purpose, through Identity- Heal, Motivate, Lead.

THV (The Healing Voice) Podcast is comprised of authentic interactions and interviews, inspiring and motivating music, stories, and wisdom on how to increasingly get in tune with and live up to your true identity. Here we will find the Voice of Guidance in the harsh environment of life as we continue to deal with the most difficult questions and greatest joys!

The next three episodes will involve the wisdom of a 14-year-old who has his own unique way of discussing the culture around him that shows there is hope for the future of our world. It’s through my conversations with him that I realize our youth may be more insightful about the nature of life than we think.

After that, I will talk with two Peace Corps participants, a husband and wife team, who spent 2-years in Africa. We will discuss what impact that had on them and how their understanding of life, community, relationships, and culture has changed because of their time there.

After that episode, I will be talking with a very talented artist from Anchorage, Alaska, who discusses how the arts impact our sense of being, enriches community, and has the power to change lives.

THV Podcast is where we can discover:

How to improve our lives in ways that truly matter. I want to present the idea that Life Improvement and True Success is Increasing the Fitness of the Whole Person; that our Health is truly about Body, Mind, and Soul. We will discuss and demonstrate meditation, breathing techniques, cold and heat therapy, nutrition, physical fitness protocols, self-awareness, relationships, decision-making, creativity and more. In my experience, all of these elements are important variables of health. When used together they contribute to the comprehensive health of the whole person. Many of these elements have been practiced for thousands of years across the world, even though they may have been recently presented in our culture in reformed ways.

We will also explore questions like, “ What is Spirituality?” How do spiritual practices, psychology, culture, and identity inform us of what it means to be spiritual? How do the arts contribute to the health of our mind, body, and soul? How does the artistic portrayal of life’s most impactful events affect us and the way we connect with one another?

Along with that, what is physical health? With all the competing ideas of fitness programming and diets, how can we know what is best for us? And what is the relationship between physical health and mental health?

I’ll share my own music and musical collaborations with other musicians, vocalists, and listeners. We will discuss the feelings, stories, and messages behind each song. We will approach all of these topics with real, unashamed, vulnerable conversation.

We’ve all experienced the feeling of not knowing what to do next. How do we determine the correct path for our lives? In spite of all of our experiences, let-downs, heartbreaks, and failures, we are still here confronted with the hardship of knowing who to be and how to present ourselves in each circumstance. The focus of THV Podcast is on exploring how to live better, more wholesome lives. What makes THV different is the complete perspective of our true being – mental, physical and spiritual – rather than focusing on one or the other. The body without the mind is nothing. The mind without the heart is truly lacking.

In addition to the focus of the podcast, “Bible Redefined”, is a very unique part of THV. Throughout my life, I’ve had the feeling that there was much more to the notion of “God” and spirituality than religious authorities were able or willing to discuss. I’m sure many of you have had similar feelings.

I decided to search deeper and wider for as many sources on the topic of spirituality and religion as I could and ended up spending thousands of hours studying ancient languages and cultures to better understand the greatest mysteries of our universe. That journey began when I was 18 years old. I found that the mindset of the English language largely shapes our ideology of the world. Divisions created by language has seeped into the collective mindset and has made it very difficult for us to understand the truth of Sacred Unity, or what Quantum Sciences are now calling the “Unified Field of Consciousness”. This understanding of the “Unified Field” has life-changing possibilities for each individual and for the planet, and it isn’t new. It’s an understanding that was once passed down from generation to generation thousands of years ago by ancient semitic and far-east cultures; a lot of which is in the original languages of the Book we call The Bible. The understanding still exists today in the original practices but also in reformed ways and Quantum Science is now measuring what humans have intuitively and experientially known for ages.

As it relates to our search for wisdom in the information age, humanity may have already discounted the greatest ideas and insights that have the potential to transform us if only we took them to heart and truly understood them. Furthermore, I came to understand that English translations are very watered down. They are very limited by the nature of the Western, English culture. I think I have a remedy for this.

“Bible Redefined” is an attempt to offer a relevant way to see “God”, humanity, and nature by removing the culture-constructed walls between the three. Why the Bible? Because it is, arguably, the most culture-shaping book on our planet.

Many of you have had enough of the dogmatic approaches to life’s most profound questions. Many are looking for guidance and acceptance, not rules and superiority. Many want principles of self-evident meaning that hold our world together, not legalistic commands based in fear or egotistical-righteousness.

All of this is part of THV Podcast- authenticity, healing, motivation, and guidance. You can create your life with purpose and identity. That happens when you open your mind, heal the heart, and pay attention to the body. I’m Lance Howard, host of THV Podcast. I hope you’ll join the conversation.

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