Love @ Inopportune-time

When my emotions get the best of me they also get the best of my relationships. By “best” I mean they steal the best I have available for my self and those I love. I am less productive and less creative when my emotions are negative and/or unhealthy.


The couple that hasn’t seen one another in weeks are excited that she’s finally returning home. In the final days before her return, she would occasionally repeat how much she missed him. What a longing… But on the day she was to arrive he had a minor fender-bender in her vehicle. It wasn’t his fault, if you’re wondering. But he didn’t necessarily have to be driving her car. This just happened to be the way the dice fell on that particular day. This complete accident was allowed to ruin the great expectation of the bliss of their reuniting. He feared the circumstances would spoil her attitude and, so, many other things. He hoped he was wrong.

When circumstances get the best of us we have little left for our own well-being and, so, we lack the same for those close to us. What things have we allowed to rob us of love and joy when the opportunity was clearly knocking at our door? Did we prove that we, in fact, love the people we have claimed to or that our expression of love is conditional and/or circumstantial? Did we prove we are persons of peace or fragile, temperamental people controlled by the changing winds? What may be seen as an “inopportune time” is really the perfect opportunity to choose who we really want to be- our best character and highest vision of our self, and do exactly that. This requires that one fully know, desire and believe in that best character. We must truly hold that vision.

We show our quality- who we truly choose to be when unfavorable situations arise. Those who can show love, patience, and kindness when things aren’t going so well are choosing to be in control (of themselves) and to live on purpose. They are also expressing a higher faith- that there is good even when…

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