I find myself so entangled in the temporary clutches of life circumstances. How do I simply show up as myself without allowing people and things to create the weather of my soul? Are love and betrayal an illusion when the ultimate love and betrayal comes from the self? How can I show up as “me” if I don’t know who I am? How does my own decision-making effect all of this?

Like most, it is easier for my focus to be on things outside of me rather than paying attention to the condition of my own soul and realizing that the only control I really have is over and for my self. This is the quickest path to healthy living and leads to inner peace. I would also call it true success- mastering the weather of your own soul rather than attempting to control someone else.

So, attention to detail: the most important of which is that of the self, the soul. This is important because when I am healthier so are my thoughts and choices which, then, spill into my creativity and my relationships. Identity- knowing and owning oneself, is the key to health.

Is my foundation, the support of my life, my stability found in the actions, responses, and choices of others? Is it even found in my own successes or lack thereof? The only thing that matters is that when ANYTHING happens I remain at peace. This is success. Even too much “good” can rock my equilibrium to an unpeaceful, unbalanced state.

The self is free of these attachments; not weighed down by any basic or immature designs. The more in tune with my self I become, which is to say the more spiritual growth I experience- deep, rich, personal development; a more tangible experience of identity becomes my reality. I can then, and only then, live a life of exceeding love and peace. This is not to say challenges do not arise. It is to say when they do, the way I view and respond to them will be healthier. All of this, every circumstance, is temporary. Why, then, should I take it so seriously? I should be attentive, observant through circumstances but still in control of myself. I should still be at ease and keeping all things in perspective with gratitude for the good and remembering that the so-called “bad” is an opportunity that will fade. All I have control of is my self.

How do I want to live? Who do I want to be? Do I choose fear (anxiety, depression, stress, hate, domination, anger) or love (peace, patience, gentleness, freedom, self-control)? I choose to be love in and through it all.

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