Ego Observation

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Ego is watching; always watching, always peeking, sneaking- nosy, troublemaker.

Ego plays the same games over and over again. I have seen more and more of Ego’s cards. The cards are things like concern, doubt, anxiety, stress, depression, confusion through lies, deceit. They are treacherous whisperings and enchanting spells that are tangled in the past and future and hold the potential to entangle me in the same.

Recently, in a moment of pure joy, Ego played another card to get me out of peace of mind. It was a memory- something that happened, unexpectedly, like a wonderful dream. With that memory came attachment- a longing for that which was but no longer is.

I paused to observe the suggestion being offered. I noticed its lack of now-ness. It’s lack of presence in that moment. I knew the memory was one to be thankful for, but not one to long for, or hold on to. In my heart, with wisdom, and peaceful awareness, I said, “What else will you try?“ My response was something like that of the challenge of a superior warrior. Like a watchman, I waited for the next attempt, for the first attempt had fallen flat on its face.

I calmly watched and waited for what would come next… Nothing… I sensed Ego’s fear for the first time ever. In this space, Ego was, is, and will be courageously watched for any and every hand it might play. In this space, this realm of pure awareness, Ego was , is, and will be exposed. Ego, the nosy-watcher was, is, and will be trumped by the Pure Observer. In this space, this domain of self-empowered consciousness, Ego, the narrator of false-stories, is stripped of its power.

I Am the Pure Observer. The True Person.

True identity cannot be that which I observe, for if I am observing it, then I am greater than it. When I am not observing there are many possibilities. When I become aware of something, the possibilities collapse to one- the one thing I’m observing or perceiving.

I am the observer, not that which is being observed, though I play a creative role in what I’m seeing and sensing because of Ego.

I am greater than what I observe. Therefore, I do not have to become entangled with or emotionally involved with the observation. It, the thing being observed, is only in the mind. It is only a thought, which I am not. It is only a feeling, which I am not. If I believe I am the thought and the feeling, I have lost, or forgotten, my true identity. I have traded what is real for that which is false; Ego wins the game and takes control of my life, my being, my existence and locks Me, the True “I”, in a prison of misbelief, illusion, and self-delusion.

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