When the World Hits “Rock Bottom”

Did you know the Hong Kong Flu of 1968 was estimated to have killed between 1 and 4 million people? Did you know the influenza pandemic of 1918 killed more than 10x that many people? How quickly we forget! How quickly our movies of contagions and pandemics seem to delay or erase our connection to what is really happening. 

Did you know COVID-19, as of May 6, 2020, has killed fewer than 300,00 people? Some might argue, “But it could reach a million before a vaccine is developed.” The fear-causing projections of what it could do is what has put us in this mess in the first place. Fear is the real issue. The country did NOT shut down in 1918 or 1968. The whole world did not stop working and then hide in their houses! They didn’t try to “flatten the curve” which is not an implementation for fewer deaths but, rather, so not to overwhelm hospitals. This actually means the timeline to reaching a downward trend in cases and deaths increases which, as we can obviously see, drains the life out of the economy and adds more psychological stress onto an already overburdened, demoralized, and despairing world population. Science has already proven that stress reduces immune system functionality. Science has already proven that reduction of fresh air and sunlight do the same thing, so staying inside isn’t helping. Speaking of fresh air, how does wearing a mask for extended periods of time help you pull in oxygen to support your immune system? Science has already proven that social distancing leads to increased mental illness through decreased emotional health and contributes to weakening immune systems. So, why are we doing any of this? Fear is the real issue. 

We are so well conditioned and so-called “educated” that we’ve become an order-following, obeying-the-rules, color-inside-the-lines, frightened-culture that would trade our common sense and freedom for security. Why do we repeatedly give our trust to the same groups of people who, throughout our national history and history of the world, prove again and again to make decisions that only bring heavier burdens to the people they are supposed to serve?

We have become wimps whose great-grandparents would shake their heads in disapproval. They lived and worked through the influenza pandemic of 1918 which killed at least 3 million people across the world and some estimates say up to 50 million, with more than 600,000 of those deaths being in the United States. Too lazy to think for ourselves, we allow the media to become our gurus and we allow so-called “leaders”, who aren’t completely honest, to tell us where we can and can’t go as if we are a herd of cattle. We are more concerned with our comforts, entertainments, and the sweet-treats of our delusional way of living than being free humans who truly own an honorable life because we can and will fight for it.

The Coronavirus reveals we are afraid of death. We are afraid of death because we don’t know who we are- how beautiful we are- how powerful we are. We have no idea what the birthright of being human is. We have no idea why we are here, though our conditioning and “education” has fooled us into thinking that we do. “Time is money!”, right? “Work hard to play hard!”, right?

So, why do the so-called “educated”, brave, and free give more and more of their freedom away? If you’ve read this far, you’ve already read some of the answer(s). Our collective mindset has become a slave to fear and, in some way, the current way of government (“Government” in Latin means “mind control”. The Latin verb, “guverno”, “guvernare” means “to control.” The Latin noun, “mens, mentis”, means “mind”) uses that to take more of our freedom. And we give it away! “Just keep us safe!” but we, especially in the West, mean, “Just keep us comfortable!” We don’t want to deal with the responsibility of our own sovereign freedom, as if being human is too large a burden to bear.

We can not deny death and to attempt to delay it is, especially in this case, to live in misery. We are clearly saying we’d rather live miserably than live with faith, hope and love. And, yes, we may die, but we would die courageously rather than fearfully. Living in fear, and specifically, living locked in your house is not living well. Should we sacrifice the quality of our lives for quantity? Though it may keep your body alive, your soul will die. The soul is the Self. It is who you truly are- life, vibrant, inspired, freely existing and aspiring. As we see the dawn of the “new normal” caused by Coronavirus, would we really say, “Living long is better than living well?”

There always has to be a war. When will we grow sick of the propaganda? Now it’s a war on germs. A war on a virus. A war on the world’s “invisible enemy”, as if it’s the greatest pandemic we’ve ever seen! The only thing we’ve never seen is the whole world shut down because 1- humanity has forgotten their ability to think for themselves and 2- “order-followers” wage war on their own neighbors. There’s always a new “enemy” to keep us distracted from the real problem: We are our own enemy. We choose fear over and over again. We allow our fear to run our systems! But, Fear itself cannot choose anything at all. Fear is leverage for those who want to take advantage of others.

We are caught in this Matrix- this false reality. Our “reality” is an addiction; something we have become so accustomed to we no longer see the self-delusion we are entangled in. It is an ideology that binds us to addictive behavior we engage in to anesthetize the pain of our mundane rat race to keep the bills paid while we constantly look forward to the next weekend, the next vacation, the next drink, or the next whatever. All of this is screaming how miserable we are. We keep the wheel turning because we are afraid of what remains when it stops- the pain within as well as the downward spiral of our systems. Fear wins over and over again. Those with malicious intentions know this and in a world in which money systemically runs everything and deems those with the most of it the most powerful, fear leads to insured capitalization.

The distraction we choose becomes addiction. Addiction is how we cope and coping mechanisms come with a huge price monetarily, emotionally, and physically. We have filled our calendars, scheduled our endless appointments and to-do lists, and made them masters of our lives: Unconscious choices because we keep running from what is within us. We don’t need to take time to think for ourselves, we just need to stay busy and when we aren’t busy we need a distraction.

We allow this way of existing to run us until what we believe to be “normal” finally breaks down; until what we believe to be “normal” falls apart- our economical, physical and mental systems fail. Life, as we know it, somehow makes it clear, we can not continue living this way. And in this way, there is something very Intelligent about Life itself.

We have sacrificed the health of our mind, body, and soul to mitigate or alleviate risk. What are we afraid of? Where does the shame come from? We live in continual and increasing fear. Afraid of not having enough. Afraid of not being enough.

Control has become our purpose to avoid pain. “Is it safe?”, we wonder? I am telling you emphatically, don’t let anyone or anything feed your fear. To feed Fear it is to empower it. If you feed fear it will over power you!

Self-knowledge is the answer to the problem, not further addiction which is founded in the need for egoic-control through distractive drugs to cover up emotional and physical pain. Emotional pain is our past and our bodies scream the agony of yesterday’s trauma. The drug is anything you choose to ignore the reality of that pain. What you are missing is healing- seeing that pain become useful for evolving to the next best version of yourself.

We cannot outrun the pain. So, let’s stop trying. I will be honest with you about my pain. You can listen to my story. I want you to know you are not alone. I want you to know, my courage to tell my story is your courage too, so one day you can tell yours’. We need to sober up. We need to renew our minds. We need to come clean. We need to stop the addiction, the rat race, the secret wars of secret pains. We need to create a better way of existing and, contrary to everything we’ve been “taught”, it always begins with true Self-knowledge. That knowledge is what we are ultimately running from and it is the only thing that will truly make a difference. Our systems and organizations will fail again and again until you and I understand the answer to the question, “Who are you?” Only then can we answer, “Who are we?”

The only thing that awakens a person, a people, a world from their addictive behavior is hitting “rock bottom.” This is it! Wake up! This path has come to a dead end! You can’t go this way any longer!

Don’t be afraid. Rock-bottom is the perfect place to start again. Remember who you are. That is the only way you can be yourself. Ask the question: Who am I? To help with that I’ll say, you are not any label that can be neatly categorized for the human ego’s purposes. You are more than all of that! Underneath the scars, layers, bullet holes, and masks, there you are, shining and beautiful. I’ll show you. Don’t miss the next podcast.

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