S2 Episode 2: Perspectives on Coronavirus from Liberia

In this episode, Josh and Katy Bishoff are back. They spent two years in Liberia with the Peace Corps and have been back in the US for about 10 months, after which, they were on Episode 3 titled, “Life in and after Liberia”. In this episode we talk about life and death in Liberia. The differences between the Liberian idea of crisis and that of America. Liberians are more concerned for America than themselves. We discuss the illusion of control and fear of the unknown. How our ideas and definitions of freedom are based in the context of our lifestyles. We talk about Universal Basic Income and self-sufficiency, and we briefly touch on politics Toward the end I mention my next book, The Identity Process and how the Ego is our greatest enemy in creating a better future. Our conversation continues on into a ramble about space exploration as an example of a common goal that could unite humanity when approached properly.

Feel free to email me at thehealingvoicetv@Gmail.com. You can also request a free copy of my book, “Music Everywhere”, Elements & Principles of Life We’ve Been Missing.

Stay tuned for the upcoming podcast titled, Bible Redefined, ““It’s Not What You Think It Is or What You’ve Been Told.” It’s going to amazing!

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