Episode 3, Part 1: Life in and after Liberia

Above: Variations on the Liberian “devil”

Above: Top Left Wood carving in the shape of Liberian from a leper colony; Middle Left, watercolor painting of “The Zoe’s House” by an artist from Josh and Katy’s location in Lofa county, Liberia; Bottom Left, Iron Ore, and quartz rocks; Right: Various lappa, country cloth, and vai shirts.

In this episode, I talk with Josh and Katy Bishoff, Anchorage, Alaska residents, who are recent Peace Corps volunteers to Liberia.
Our conversation begins, fun and lighthearted with Josh and Katy showing me quartz and iron ore from Liberia. That takes up the first 3:30 and has a  funny moment around 2:25. We begin discussing the first major topic of  “The Zoe” and the Liberian concept of the “devil”. We discuss Liberian holidays, traditional medicine, and a variety of concepts and elements of Liberian culture, how Western society is affecting them, and the various effects of Liberian culture on Peace Corps volunteers. We also discuss Peace Corp’s
primary goal of cultural exchange not always being adhered to by volunteers. Topics of risk mitigation, Mob justice, Traveling dangers and “The Rubberband Man”  story, which you don’t want to miss. From there we move to Liberian history, Stress management in a poverty-ridden environment where traumatic events, malnutrition, and sickness are the norm; Village-talk on Donald Trump, the Liberian perspectives on America vs Korea and more.

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