Finding the Music

What a good song! You know the one you can listen to over and over again without realizing how many times it has played. The one you beat the steering wheel to and belt-out as if you were leading the band yourself. Isn’t it interesting how music, a favorite playlist or album, like a good conversation, can cause hours to pass so easily? The groove becomes infectious to your soul as you drive faster, smoother and meditatively. Seemingly oblivious to the lines painted in the road, somehow, without much deliberation, you stay perfectly within them. You reach a certain place and realize you can’t remember the stops, the lights, and turns you’ve made as if you were on auto-pilot the whole time. This is the power of music! If someone asked you to pace back and forth, side-to-side and jump up and down for hours you wouldn’t really want to. You’d ask, “Why?” But when music is good… DANCE- back and forth, side-to-side, jumping up and down. The love of Music- the feeling it brings is the reason.

I’m talking about a certain joy that comes through music and the company it brings. Music enlightens, brightens, comforts, soothes, warms, excites and heals our lives. It also has the power to do the exact opposite.

What if every thought, word, action, interaction, emotion, circumstance, and experience is part of the innumerable combinations of notes, grooves, articulations, techniques, feels, dynamics, rhythms, tones and phrases of Music? Don’t artists write songs and paint pictures out of life experiences? Have you ever realized that you can tell a lot about a songwriter by the songs they create? Music is an expression. Furthermore, music is an expression of life. Somehow the two are inseparable and that is something I’ll go deeper into later.

Do you have a sense of what I’m saying? Listen for the Music in life. It can be beautiful even when the circumstances seem to be less than desirable. We can learn to see everything as an opportunity to become better at whatever we need to become better at. That in and of itself is part of the Song. How you respond is part of the Song. How you treat yourself and others is part of the Song. Listen to the Music. See the potential everywhere and in everyone! Believe in your own creative potential. You’re using it even when you don’t think you are. Invest in every moment. Sing it… Like the groovy tune that makes you dance all night long even when you’re tired. At that moment you’ve decided to participate in something super-natural because of Music. Keep singing. Keep dancing because each moment is yours to create. Why? For the love of Music- the unknown, unknowable and sometimes uncontrollable variables of your life from which you can create whatever you want. It’s your Song. Own it.

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