Trading Life Away

The world and me. We trade our peace for comfort and safety. Let me explain. If comfort and safety are pretentious versions of the real, then the math works out fine. If I believe my 8-5 is the road to righteousness- financial freedom, and well-being, the time lost for personal growth and creativity becomes excusable. You see, I’ve redefined peace in this way, but I’m not truly happy. I’m always craving the next excitement to keep this lulling drone-of-a-life a less than obvious, boring atrophy. I can claim I lived to the fullest even though I lost myself, my spouse and children received less than my very best. There is no peace in this but the deluded sense of comfort and safety is real.

Welcome to the planet. You have to pay rent to live on earth. You have to start a family. You have to do your part and play your role. All this doing costs money, little 7”x3” green-paper-notes which someone powerful decided we should believe holds enough value that we should trade our life away, trade our mental, physical and spiritual energy to acquire. It’s a trade in order to pursue the ability to live- as if there’s no other way to be alive and no other way to be or truest selves.

Don’t forget retirement. You must work enough to save enough green-paper-notes to live freely when most, if not all, your life is spent. Many of us aren’t fortunate enough to even live that long. So, we gamble our truest livelihood away by taking our days for granted because the system scares us into obedience. We give our freedom away. We trade our lives away.

We were lied to. We were told all you need is an education and a good job. Whose version of an “education”? What does “good” mean? My health is declining, my kids are being raised by people I don’t know and every version of a screen imaginable. My love is strained because I’m tired, overworked and still don’t acquire enough green-paper-notes to buy our freedom back. By freedom I mean more vacations and longer weekends. Only more green-paper-notes can get you that. What we call “freedom” is still an illusion- another grind for more.

Money is the one true god of this world-system that you will serve whether you want to or not. You are part of that church whether you realize it or not. The bulk of your life is spent acquiring it, stressing over it, praying over it, obsessing over it. You will pass the curse down to your children. Welcome to existence.

As a child you had plenty but you had to grow up. The “uncivilized” and “savages”-   indigenous peoples and tribes who haven’t lost their way have plenty. They know how to obtain the necessities of life from what the land and animals provide. Hunt, fish, forage, create, sing, dance, commune, relax, breathe… But they are “uneducated”. They are “poor”. They have long weekends all the time. They aren’t slaves to long and short-hands spinning, counting, reminding how few tick-tocks are left. They don’t care if the grocery store is open. They’ll never have to worry that there isn’t enough in stock. They are not dependent on such modern, “civilized” constructions and so are actually free. They are not dependent on 8-5 or child-care or insurance or vacation time or loans. They are free of the atrophy of recliners, the death-glow of TV screens and vehicle-death cages. They have everything they need. They don’t pay rent. They don’t trade away their life. They truly live. They’ve remained true to themselves and have calculated the madness of the city-prison, the primitive notions and nations of the “civilized”, the savage treatment of self and soul, man and woman, family and village, its systems propagate while the “educated” call it opportunity and freedom.

But, the truth is, the educated are trading their life away. I am one of them.


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