Fearless Living

Pick me! Oooo, pick me! … Fearless living

Worn out by the “real world”- just a lie to rise above the rat race and weather discussions and selfish judgments

I volunteer! Pick me! Wear it on my sleeve: my fears, worries and concerns

“Best foot forward”, well, which one is that?… they both take me where I need to be

Who do I want to be? Away with facade and partiality. “The tension is here; between who [I am and who I] could be. Between how it is and how it should be.”

I’m willing to live a planned life full of unplanned vulnerability- into the unknown and unknowable my heart beckons me

Why hide what we all feel? Why aren’t you hearing

The drill of your emotions pounding into your pleading heart? gnawing

Pick me! I’ll go! I’m ready!… Fearless Living

More courageous than my yesterday. Roaring louder than the discomfort of my doubts… 

Here it is again: be real or hide… speak from within or die… remain true or lie…

 Oh, he/she can’t handle it… love- deep ocean wave sweeps

Tumble and rumble, it can leave you spinning…  but the feeling of life! It is now!

I can’t avoid it… to not go to the depth creates a void in me. 

Sure, I’m afraid of what you’ll think… I’m afraid of what sound will come out of me

When I begin to honor the mystery of my own heart

Maybe you can meet me here or there… together we can scream,”Pick me! Ooooo pick me!… Fearless Living

Until then, forgive me as I honor what’s real within

You’ll never know or see unless I release. How can we truly love if only part of one another we see? 

But that’s the worlds way, keep it coated with sugar. Would rather enjoy the comfort of a nicely padded prison.

Never knowing the depths of the real. Please just keep me entertained.

Love— courage— unafraid to feel. Love— courage— unafraid to search for the words. Love— courage— unafraid to be seen. As I AM- As You Are.

Love—  courage— real relationship.

Yea, release me … sing it out …  cry loud

Complete Vulnerable-   Naked Expose- Wonder Precision- Truth

Don’t be afraid. Fear no more … 

can hold us from all the peace our souls are looking for. Honor your worries… give voice to your concerns.

Let that freedom reshape the way you see, feel and live in the world.

Gently, honor the one you adore. Softly, share your deep within with that one.

Honor your selves in this way and you will find love.  Shut it down to fit the status mold of your own or others and lose your soul.

Ooooo, pick me!… Fearless Living

This is my life not your program. Away with this nonsense that an instagram of our selves is all we need.

Comfortably enticing me is the lie of anti-or half vulnerability but for the warning in my soul …

Freedom is my hearts cry and my choice. You can come with and trust me. Can you?

We can live out this eternal beauty and song of the human heart “this is who I am… this is how i feel… now watch me change and rise above this wheel!”

The cycle will continue- yesterday’s scar, selfish pain from selfish gain and poisoning our future.

But when we release we find that freedom to selflessly care and dare.

To rise above- yes, that’s the reason, the purpose, the why. To rise above.

To be more courageous than before makes us alive and fall deeper in love

With our true self and others. So I can now say, my love for you. My heart for you. My life for you. All I am for you. Blood through my veins for you. I give my world to you. All I have and all I am I (can) lay it down for you. Dancing around with you. Spinning around with you. Laughing loud with you!!

Oooooo, please pick me! Fearless Living…  I want live in this freedom: live out this courage and hope you do to.

Dare You to Move

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