Colliding Worlds

What happens when two worlds collide? Do they become one or do they smash, crack and bleed, trying to survive?

Varying perspectives, different worldviews, ideologies and the arguments which may ensue. What happens when two worlds collide?

Do they collide because of hate or acceptance, fear or love? Hate and fear lead to war. The biggest gun and most fit will endure.

Acceptance and love bring a challenge of their own. Say what you need and be willing to give it. Listen with appreciation for the difference and readiness to provide, shift, change for the good of when two worlds collide.

My world is not the best. There are parts that are functioning healthily. Other parts need revising. As two world’s collide, I see the opportunity for this. Seeing the opportunity is to be in Love- abiding There, walking Therein, swimming in Its depths.

When two worlds collide, the potential for the two to be made new, better…When two worlds collide, the two could become one if for Love.

What happens when… will I fear or love? Will I know the difference? Can I transition from fear to love? I hope I do. I feel that I will… Courage.

I choose faith, hope and love… not doubt, hopelessness and fear.


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