The Identity Crisis

Identity, in truth, has nothing to do with gender politics. Identity is simply who and what we, humans, are. If I ask,” Who are you?” That’s a question of identity. When you say, “I am…”, that is a statement of identity.

Face it, you don’t know the answer to the question: “Who are you?” You don’t know you are. You’ll tell me your name, your family’s history, your education, your relationship status, your gender, and your job/career. All of these things are what you have, what you own, how you’ve been labeled, and how you label yourself. You have all that, own all that, have been labeled that, and label your self that. So, what remains is still, who you are you?! If you awaken to who you are, the freedom, power, and wisdom to create the life you love follows. Not a life of division, hatred, anger, competition, division, thieving ambition, fear, anxiety, addiction, self-hate or debasement, envy, secrets, and jealousy. If you live a life of the vices I just listed (and there could be more to list) you clearly don’t know who you are because none of those things truly make you feel better about yourself at the end of the day. This means your mind has driven you in a direction that doesn’t bring true satisfaction and, so, your heart is desiring something else.. something real… something true… something lasting. A life of fulfillment. A life you truly love!

Let me help you “Create The Life You Love”!

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