The Power of Release


I awoke this morning with a very heavy feeling. I laid in bed for about 30 minutes, wanting to just fall back asleep, but my mind was zooming from one thought to another. I considered many people and many situations. Each thought was challenging- a little edgy, a little stressful. After about 15 minutes,  I became aware that my body was responding to my worried thoughts. I was experiencing shortness of breath, tense shoulders and staring into space. I was loosing myself! “Breathe, and remember who you are…”, my consciousness kicked in.

So, I did breathe. I did consider who I Am and, with that, I was able to decide to bring positive energy to these people and situations that were passing through my thoughts. I have learned to do this very intentionally with direct purpose and it creates an amazing feeling. Suddenly, I felt lighter and ready to start the day.

I want to suggest that our waking thought(s) have the power to energize us to start our day or the exact opposite. The great thing is: We always have the power to choose. I could have chosen to lay there, fertilize the stressful thoughts and continue to allow the burden to build. But, I am very happy that I was able to “wake up”, snap out of it and realize what was happening to me. Then, the Peaceful Warrior within me was able to step forward and do what It does best. The moment my consciousness spoke,””Breathe, and remember who you are,” is the moment I let go of the heavy baggage caused by the stressful thoughts. This is the “power of release”.

Imagine holding onto a wire that has a very light electric current flowing through it. For whatever reason, you are unaware that the wire is “live” with energy and, fortunately for you, that flow of energy is so minimal that you sense no physical affect on you. Now, let’s say each negative thought you think represents a point of contact with that wire. Perhaps, each negative thought is only one finger touching that live wire. But, with each negative thought another finger touches it and the flow of energy increases. It won’t take long before you have a serious problem “on your hands”, haha!

Now, as each of my zooming thoughts built up this morning, the energy current was increasing. I began to feel the discomfort in my body as the “electricity” built, creating a heavy, burdening feeling of stress. Each thought was another point of contact and the flow of negative energy became exponentially greater with each new thought. It wasn’t until my awareness kicked in and I realized what was happening to me that I was able to let go of the “live wire”. “Why am I holding on to this, live wire?” I breathed, with purpose, with consciousness and changed my flow of energy to positivity. This change was how I released the live wire and this, naturally, relieved my mind and body.

How many times do we pick up that live wire with our bare hands and just hang on to the ever-increasing flow of negativity? Why do we hold on to it until the hair on our head is standing straight up, our fists are white knuckled, our teeth are gritting and our eyes are wide-open? It may start with only one or two fingers but the next things you know we have a full-gripped fist on that wire with each hand! STRESS!!!!

We do have the choice to release it! Let it go! But, many of us have no idea how to do that. No one has ever taught us to pay attention to the messages of our body. No one has ever taught us how to breathe and calm our mind. No one has ever taught us how to use our own energy-power to reverse such negative situations.

That is why I am here. When stress presents itself we can choose to hang on to it or release it. Releasing requires a certain amount of work- realization and then utilizing wisdom.

Let it go… the negativity; the resentment; the unforgiveness; the worry; the control… Let it go. Breathe and allow the experience of peace to energize you instead. The world has reported to us that it is necessary to stress over such things. But, I assure, you,  it is not. You can change your life and these situations with the power of thought. It begins with you letting go of negativity and stepping into your natural, inherited power of positivity.


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