I Saw IT in the Stars!


My wife and I were sitting in a wonderfully hot, blue-lit, outdoor jacuzzi, overlooking the Kachemack Bay of Homer, Alaska. The temperature was around 34 degrees with a nice slow wind that blew the mist from the bubbling water into the air.

It was pitch black space and sky all around us and all we could see were a few flickering lights of island villages across the bay and a large boat floating by, miles at sea. It had been a cloudy and rainy evening. There were only a few stars available for sight. But after we sat and enjoyed the relaxation for a while, we suddenly noticed that all the clouds had moved away.

The most spectacular and breath-taking panorama of twinkles and lights from afar, dotted the dark night. The backdrop of our patio lit jacuzzi and the wind-blown mist made it difficult to see all that was there in the heavens above us. But, every once in a while the wind would stop, the mist stayed below our upward gaze and the expanse of the sky suddenly appeared, unfathomably decorated with stars!

Like little children, we were awakened to something that seemed new; something that would shape our minds forever! We were awestruck with this grand display. “It’s amazing to think that every generation of people and every person that has ever existed and will ever exist has and will look up at the stars in amazement and wonder the same questions. We all have this in common and in this sense, we are all one,” the sound of my wife’s voice is still clear in my head.

We began to get a little overheated in the jacuzzi, so we made our way back into the cabin. The wind was frigid! But, we took another moment to look upward. We had stepped away from the backlight of the patio and at that moment we could see everything we had no idea was their looking down upon us. It seemed more difficult to find dark space in the sky than it was to find stars! I know… it’s nearly impossible to imagine! In this space, in this experience, the wind lost its frigidity. We stood their for a few minutes. All our senses were captivated by the view and our pure adoration of it!

“I didn’t have a camera by my side this time…hoping I would see the world through both my eyes…”- John Mayer, “3×5”

So, neither of these pictures are what we really saw, but they are as close as I could find. I can not forget the falling star that zoomed downward just before we decided it was time to go back inside. We used that opportunity to fertilize our dreams!

Take every opportunity you can to recognize and embrace the beauty and unity of our universe. The science is in! Under the microscope, at the tiniest scale, everything is the same. Ironically, it’s something similar to the way the stars look in the dark night sky.


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