Why THV?

Why THV?

I’m Lance Howard, identity and purpose teacher. I designed the Identity Process out of my own search to know who I was and what I was here to do. As I was navigating that journey, I realized I wasn’t the only one searching for purpose and meaning, so I’m sharing the Identity Process with you.

The Identity Process is for people who are ready to commit to personal change and transformation. If you are feeling stuck or need direction, guidance, and support, The Identity Process is for you.

If you are experiencing confusion, indecision, turmoil, anxiety, emotional pain, depression, and anger on a daily basis, I want you to know that you do NOT have to live this way! You can experience peace of mind, joy, love, and freedom every day!  You can instantly start your day in a reality of peaceful creativity instead of worry, and I can show you how.

Let me show you how all the dramatic events of your life have the potential to benefit you. Everyone of your experiences is valuable, and with a change of perspective, you can be encouraged, motivated, and inspired rather than held down. You can rewrite the narrative of your life! No one wants to drown in misery. We want to live abundantly- experiencing the best things in life, which I summarize as health, love, and peace.

You want to pursue your dream(s)! You want to know how to invest in healthy and passionate relationships. You want to launch a business or see your dreams come to life. You want to know the answer to these two questions, “Who am I?” and “What am I here to do?”

Your life never has to be the same again. Change begins today! Would you prefer to continue being stressed by the dark imaginations you’ve held for so long, or are you willing to try a new version of yourself? Would you like to experience increasing peace and love on a daily basis? Would you like to have the proper tools for better decision making? Would you prefer to be more in tune to the flow of your own life journey for the better? You can learn how to navigate situations and create better circumstances in your life!

I’m Lance Howard, Identity and Purpose teacher, your personal expression mentor. The Identity Process involves personal coaching, check-ins, defined timelines, clear goals, direction and everything you need to pursue and become the next best version of yourself.

“I have felt an absolute shift in my life; what I prioritize and focus on, how I communicate with others, where I place “fault” or “blame” for reactions to attitudes or events have all become less ego-centered, less concerned with others and more focused on who I am and how I show up. There is still work to be done, but it’s work I am excited about as I continue to navigate life while honoring and respecting my true-self, realizing what I am here to do, and being love in all the ways…” – S. Carlon

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