Identity Process

The Identity Process involves individual and group courses, retreats and workshops. The Inner Circle is private coaching of The Identity Process for individuals and organizations. All coaching and courses are accessible virtually or online. The topics of The Identity Process are a courageous step toward purposeful decision-making, attaining goals and is the opportunity and pathway for inspiration, motivation, productivity, and creativity.

Topics for The Identity Process are:

“How do I find my true love?”, or, “Why do they always leave me?”, or, “Why can’t I meet the right person?”, “Why did they treat me that way?”, “I’ll never love again.” There is a road leading to true love you, just have to get on it and go in the right direction.

The opportunity to explore how we create communities of peace, success, happiness, and freedom by applying the principles of life for personal success, prosperous decision making, true leadership, the bond of community, and creating a life you love.

The creation, interpretation, and manifestation of dreams, visions, and aspirations.

Loneliness, depression, anxiety, lack of happiness, and dissatisfaction are not part of Quantum Success. Quantum Success is about knowing how to acquire success on every level and dimension of our lives.

Experience self-recovery and self-empowerment. We can live free of addiction, emotional pain, anger, depression, and anxiety. We can heal from trauma and the negative emotions in our lives. To ignore them is to keep the flow of our life-upgrades blocked.

We live in a diverse world! Diversity that is expressed as a unit is the path to success. The best teams perform this way. This is the ultimate in team-building within communities and organizations to create winning teams.

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