The “Book” Redefined

Words like “spirituality” and “God” are defined by the ideology of Western culture. With short-sighted inadequacy, we attempt to construct ideas of “God”, life, love, death, and eternity but, as is typical for modern civilization, we water-down ancient knowledge and rename or repackage it as if it is something new. We then convince ourselves that our “new” ways are better while failing to realize the proof of our inadequacy is shown in the health of our bodies, minds, emotions, our understanding of social justice, and how to steward our planet.

Religion in our age can be a crutch for the ego and, so, in most cases, only provides further division and misunderstanding of the true nature of an Intelligent Presence we call “God”. The experience we call “spirituality” should be the pinnacle of knowing love and connection. We use the term but are lacking the experience on a macro scale.

Our English word “Bible” is a transliteration of the Greek and Latin word “biblos” which means “book”.  The “Bible”, is a collection of historical books each individually authored for very specific reasons and specific people in specific times and places. The large majority of which is written to an ancient Hebraic people. If we do not understand their culture and ideology, we will misunderstand and misuse their writings. This collection of books originally consists of richly poetic, ancient languages (Hebrew and Aramaic) that naturally reveal deep wisdom of the unified principles of life. But western-ideology and language have utterly watered down its truths and painted a religious picture that has confused, angered, and stifled many.

The meaning of the messages contained in the “Book” are revealed in the words, but also in the letters of the words and even how a word sounds can reveal deep meaning and connection. Then there are the phrases, the sentences, and how the sentences relate to one another, how the paragraphs fit into the context of the chapter, how the chapter fits into the flow of its own book and how that book contextually fits and connects to all the other books. Meaning and connection is also found in how the sentences, paragraphs, chapters, stories, and books fit together. These writings have a uniquely rich existence because of the very culture that makes all of these meaningful connections possible. That culture cannot be separated from it’s “God”, it’s “Divine Parent”, it’s “Timeless Author”. The meaning of the Biblical scriptures is non-local. That means they may vary, yet exist simultaneously at all of the before mentioned levels in a very effective, relevant, and true way without contradicting one another and fully contributing to one another. The only way to find a contradiction in this Book is to misunderstand it ideologically, contextually, and by attempting to cross-reference it at inappropriate levels.

The graph below is a beautiful depiction of how interconnected the internal references of the Bible are. The main line along the bottom has smaller lines of varying length coming down from it. The main line is plotted with many dots. Each dot represents a chapter in the Bible. The lines of varying length, under each dot, represent how many times that chapter is cross-referenced. The rainbow colored lines are the cross-references. This is an amazing and accurate portrayal of how much depth there is BUT ONLY by cross-reference to chapters. It is isn’t even touching the connections of themes, verses, phrases, words, letters, numbers, between all paragraphs, chapters, and books! This book is intricately woven like brain synapses. To tie this many people, times, places, themes, words, sentences, stories, genealogies, histories, etc. into one unit that is so meaningful while ONLY reading it at “face-value”, can not be done by human design. Yet, there are still deeper levels of meaning beyond what can be found at just “face-value”. Everything within the Book is connected in a meaningful way and it would all seem accidental. In terms of involvement by humans, these connections are “accidental”, or better said, unplanned, but not in terms of the intentional involvement of Divine Intelligence, Consciousness, The Infinite Field of Being and Knowing, The Illimitable I Am.

Screen Shot 2019-07-14 at 5.47.02 PM

In our culture, the Bible has been largely misunderstood, misrepresented and, so, misused. This is evident in the amount of division around its meaning. I will attempt to publish the writings of this ancient book with respect to the perspective of its authors, the original readers and hearers; in a way that is as close to their Ancient Eastern Hebraic way of thinking as possible- exploring the subtle nuances and poetic idioms of the ancient languages in which they were originally understood. I don’t consider myself a language scholar but I know enough to make a reasonable attempt at bridging the gap between the biblical authors and the 21st century. It has taken many years of study, contextual experience with the texts, skill with unique language tools, and personal application to produce the renderings I will share.

When you click on a link below, you will find a well-known translation, typically King James Version (KJV) and you’ll see my own rendering, The Healing Voice Version (THV Version). My purpose is to pull out the true message of the Hebrew Scriptures and leave no stone unturned from its subtle but purposeful suggestions. I recommend revisiting occasionally, as each passage below may receive updates as I continue to learn and unfold more of their meaning. Some will contain commentary and or meditations to support the passage. This message is One in the form of Many. It is Unity in Diversity- mysterious but equally accessible to all of us as long as we can properly extract the meaning and understand it’s application.

You are “gods” : Psalm 82 & John 10

The Secret : Psalm 25:12-14

Be Still and Know: Psalm 46:10

The Secret Place: Psalm 91:1

Meditate on the Word- Psalm 119:15 & 48

Direct Path: Proverbs 3:5-6

Get Wisdom: Proverbs 4:7

Guard Your Heart: Proverbs 4:23-27

The Honor of Kings- Proverbs 25:2

Voice In The Wilderness: Isaiah 40:3-5

Wait Upon the Lord- Isaiah 40:28-31

Tree Planted By A River: Jeremiah 17:5-8

Deceitful Heart: Jeremiah 17:9-10

Son of Man: Ezekiel & Matthew

Healing in His Wings: Malachi 4:2

Where Is Your Treasure? – Matthew 6:19-24

Ask, Seek, Knock – Matthew 7:7-12

Repent = Breathe, Rethink, Reconnect – Matthew 3:2

Treasure Hidden in a Field: Matthew 13:44

Take Your Cross and Follow: Matthew 16  

Two or Three Gather: Matthew 18

I AM: With You (Matthew 28)

All Things Are Possible: Mark 9:23

It’s All Good: Mark 10:18

What is God?: John

Free Indeed : John 8:31,32 & 34-36

Sow & Reap- Galatians 6:7-9

The Result of Training: Hebrews 12:11-13

God Is Love & Spirit: 1 John 4:8 & John 4:24

Renewing The Mind – Romans 12:1-2

What is Love? –  1 Corinthians 13

Through “Christ” : Philippians 4:13

The Root of Evil – 1 Timothy 6:5-11

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