The H&R Dream Team

Insight-Sentence: Restoring the mind to wholeness for a life of fulfillment through healing and recovery.

Identity Word or Phrase:  Awaken and rise up!

Summary: We need healing because we do not know who we are. We need recovery because we know something is missing and do not know what it is. We need to dream in order to truly live.

Mission: The Dream Team exists to help individuals discover a life of integrity and purpose  by  healing emotional wounds, recovering what has been lost at the level of heart and soul, and aspire toward true values of the heart.

Vision: Seeing people live abundant lives of wisdom, creativity, and love.

Values (characteristics/philosophy): 

  • Love – Wisdom – Peace – Truth


  1. Guidance
  2. Healing & Recovery
  3. Dreams- Aspirations & Mind-Movies

The H&R Dream Team is a weekly gathering that is invitation only for virtual, in-person, and over the phone participation. Email if you are interested!

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