Invitation To The Inner Circle

Subject: Inner Circle Coaching for individuals and groups.

The point of therapy, counseling, and coaching is to gain the tools you need to move forward from what agitates or holds you back, for this is how we begin to experience happier, healthier, more productive lives. Typically, psychologists, therapists, counselors, coaches, and mentors are charging large amounts of money to engage in practices that keep you rehearsing the same stories and feelings over again, filling your mind with information that keeps you locked into a certain way of seeing yourself, rather than freeing you to the reality of your expansive nature.

While I have studied the typical methods of Psychology, Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis, and Cognitive Behavior in my undergraduate and Master’s programs, I perceived there was a much quicker and more natural way to come to real conclusions about our nature and our lives. I was frustrated that the methods taught were so limited in scope and not comprehensive in their ability to serve humanity in a holistic way. I realized the help we need is less about talking it out, or subdividing it, and more about experiencing something real as a cohesive unit! 

I’ve allowed my own life’s journey to guide me into being an expert who teaches through lived experience and intuitive, self-evident knowledge in addition to what institutional education offers. I learned by being curious and seeking answers to questions the status quo doesn’t want to ask, or sweeps under the rug. I’m always learning! Hours of study on a weekly basis are my norm. I continue to seek the depths of our existence: why we feel the things we feel, desire the things we desire, relate the way we relate, and what all of that means in terms of who we are and what we are here to do. It is my love to awaken you to your own voice and intuition in a way that confirms the validity of your path and the success that awaits you. I teach in such a way that everything you desire becomes highlighted potential that will unfold, as you become a wisely-skilled artist in the creation of your own life.

Would you trade your identity and purpose for entertainment and “easily living” as our modern-pop culture portrays it? How much would you be willing to pay in order to trade unhappiness, frustration, and uncertainty for joy, satisfaction, and excitement? How much is it worth to be able to create the life you love? This is your invitation to THV’s Inner Circle. It is about realizing the most holistic and organic approach to overcoming the troubles we encounter in our lives and how the support and guidance you are looking for is always available. You can live the life you desire when you know the principles and have the keys, which very few people know anything about. This is not taught in school. It is not considered important in our culture and that would be wrong. It is the most valuable information in the universe!

Don’t hesitate to make an initial 1-hour session, free of charge. We can do so over the phone, in-person, or virtually.

Lance Howard

P.S. This is a great gift for Junior and Senior High School students trying to determine the direction of their lives. My oldest client is in their 70’s. The youngest ears hearing this message, that I’m aware of, is 13 years old. We can transform our world, especially if we get this information to the youngsters. The sooner, the better.

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Need further explanation on The Inner Circle? Watch this 5:11 video: 

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