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Invitation to The Inner Circle (5m:33s) The Healing Voice Podcast

Many of you feel the inspiration of your own heart calling you to do something more, to make a change, and to make a difference. You want to pursue your dream(s)! You want to know how to invest in healthy and passionate relationships to experience true connection and sense of belonging. You want to know the answer to these two questions, “Who am I?”, “What am I here to do?”, and “How will I do it?” Identity, who you are, and Purpose, what you are here to do, are the most valuable things in this life. If you’re looking to live on purpose, to create a life you love; if you are willing to try a new version of yourself, would like to have the proper tools for clear decision making and direction taking, and would like to experience increasing satisfaction in your life, I invite you to the Inner Circle of THV. Change begins today, so let’s go! Go to the website, THV-TV.com to make your Initial appointment. Feel free to email me at thvtv@protonmail.com. — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thv-tv/message
  1. Invitation to The Inner Circle (5m:33s)
  2. "Bible" Redefined 3: Redefining "God" is One…
  3. Season 4, Episode 1 "The Power of Being"
  4. Bible Redefined 2: Does "God" Have a Name?
  5. Season 3, Episode 6 – 2020 Vision
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